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My 41 year old daughter was in a car accident where the air bag fractured her lower arm 4 years ago. They opted to use a plate and screws to secure the arm back into place since the bone was missing pieces. We were told this could be left in permanently. In the last 2 years whenever she lifts anything heavy (helping me with grocery's) almost immediately there is swelling in the area of the plate and she says it pains her to the point that she can't use it for a while. She went to an orthopaedic surgen who told her nothing was wrong and basically that she has to live with it. I have suggested she return (2nd visit) to the original Dr. for more options. She exercises, is a health conscience young lady. She unfortunately has moderate asthma and allergies that requires occasional use of prednisone, albuteral and advair. An odd cluster of skin bumps on that elbow appear when her arm hurts. She went to an allergist and he said they were from stress and they would only occur for a short time (a few years) but I think they are related to the plate.
I hope someone has a suggestion as to how we can help her because I'm her mom and I am out of ideas.
Thank you very much for having this forum!