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Hi to everyone, I hope you all are doing fine and feeling better!:wave:

As I posted earlier I was resently Dx with severe case of RA and I'm taking medications: Prednisone, Rx strenght Folic Acid and Methotrexate. I also take some Pain medication due to my failed 2 spinal fusions.
Since I am on my RA meds i am so exhausted, no words to describe. I could fall asleep where I stand. I never before has such problem. I seat in a DR's office and fall asleep, I wait in a Pharmacy for my refills and fall asleep... so embarassing!
Is anybody else has same problem being on this type medicaition?
I also would like to know how much of Methotrexate are you taking and for how long?
I am on week 4th and by now on 6x2,5mg a week of Meth. and according to her - it will go up and up. How much up is it? When did you start to feel nauses and start seeing the difference in thining in your hair?

Thank you in advance!
Hugs and blessings... Moldova
I don't usually get fatigue from arthritis meds, I'm currently on Orencia, MTX, folic acid and Clinoril. Prednisone made me hyper (to say the least) - although, prednisone can cause just about anything.

It's the RA itself that causes me extreme fatigue.

I started having little 2-3 min episodes of nausea at 7/2.5 a week. I'm holding at 7, I still get mini episodes of nausea, even when I was on leucovorin for awhile. The hair loss started right away but I was probably ripe for it - I was subclinical hypothroid back then. I was dx autoimmune hypothyroid a few months ago. Now, hypothyroid - that really made me fatigued. That was brutal fatigue, I thought RA was bad.:yawn:
. . . and I can't sleep with it, very hyper - you are so right about this.

Ooo, no wonder you're tired during the day! I don't know how you take your prednisone (in one dose or split up) but maybe avoid taking it at night???