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Hi, I have bad allergies and get asthma from laptops' heat that comes out of the vents. That started when I sent my HP laptop to get the wireless card inside of laptop replaced. Got the laptop back and boomy, funny smell coming out and I returned like twice and still same so I quit. Now I don't use laptop near me and I just connect it to tv and use wireless keyboard and mouse. I keep far from it and I only use it on my days off cuz am sensitive to the wireless keyboard now. I am not too bad with desktop so I used that all the time. Also I am allergic to my printer paper and after it's printed on also. Also tissues too. I use toilet paper for tissues being I can't afford facial tissues. Now am sensitive to colognes and perfumes and can't go in showers with door closed and cooking without a/c on or window open. That started same time the laptop thing started and when Stanley Steemer people steamed my couch. I walked in room twice and it really gave me bad asthma and I ended up on Prednisone for awhile. No more steam cleaning for me. I wish all this never happened. Also when I wake up in the morning I wake up really yukky with my sinuses. I developed nasal polyps and when you move I feel them move which makes me want to sneeze. I asked doctor for surgery but was told too many risks, like blindness and brain fluid can leak in. Wow, so what do I do? I am white female age young 50 year old.