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please read my post, this is very important. When you will finish reading you will understand why do i say so.

When I was 12 I was dx with childhood RA. They did not have much treatment in Europe at that time, but every autumn and spring I would get preventive treatment.
Than I had my 2 kids, got busy with them and never went back to the DR. Finally 10 years later I decided to go back to the DR. Well, despite my pains all over my body, pains and stiffness to the point of me not being able to walk at all, red/hot and swollen joints - nobody could dx me right. Osteo, fibromyologa - anything but the right one.

Couple times they had blood work done and it
came back OK for RA. So they gave up saying that I am OK.

Honestly i gave up many times on all of them and leaved my life in so much pain. I had 2 right knee surgery, i have my knees, elbows very swollen all the time.
Finally I was also dx with teared tendons, muscles and ligaments. Nobody could understand what is going on with me.
I had 2 major spinal fusions and left with a lots of damaged nerves in my legs and feet, walk with a cane now and leave on disability with a lots of Pain medication.
Finally I done my own research about the best RA DR in US. Just wanted to read about them, see what they work on, etc.

I read about this wonderful DR at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. I made an app and to be honest with you I thought that this is my last app if I see that she also has no idea what is wrong with me.
Instead, my app was for 2 hours!!! She took my all history, she sent me to have a lots of blood work done right there, she evaluated every joint and muscle in my body. Finally she set down, looked at me and my hubby and had tears in her eyes. She apologized that I wasn't dx many years ago and didn't start my treatments many years ago. She said that I have severe case of RA and unfortunately most of my joints, ligaments and tendons are affected by it.

She said that my treatment has to be very aggressive otherwise I will end up in a wheel chair soon. I asked her how does she know if I have RA if she did not see my blood work yet. She said that unfortunately not always blood work shows RA, but patient has severe case like with me.
And even though my C-reactive protein was high for years, my tests for RA were border line, she absolutely has no doubts about my Dx and condition.

She put me on Meth (low dose of chemo therapy), Rx Folic acid, Prednisone, and working now on a lots of blood work to put me on a shot once a week. The thing is: I had TB in my teens and this shot can provoke TB antibodies to become active again. This can be very dangerous for me.

I see her every 6 weeks and she really works with me. She is unreal DR and I feel I am so blessed to meet her. Finally someone did not close her eyes on my inlarged nodes in my lungs and neck, on high levels of CRP for years, on a lots of other symptoms pointing to RA.
Unfortunately I met her a little later than I wish because a lot of damages done by now, but at least I have hope for the future.
My advice from my heart: never give it up. If you know something is wrong - keep going, keep searching. Not many good and carrying Doctors out there? But they are still there. Just need time and some research to find a good one. This is your health; if you in pain, your body tells you something. You listen.
My theory is: even if your Dr has a well known name, but something still concerns you, you always can go for second and more opinions.

My husband wouldn't get colon cancer if he would go for second opinion instead of trusting incompetent DR, who did not suggest him to have colonoscopy before 50 despite some symptoms my husband experienced.

Best of luck to you. Trust your guts and go for it!:angel: