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About the birth control: My doctor informed me that birthcontrol can contribute to dysplasia. After then, I have been debating getting off of it. I am 20 and have been on it since i was probably 15 due to horrible periods and bad skin. I have nearly close to perfect skin now, and the last time i stopped taking it, that all ended. Off birthcontrol for 3 months gave me very very bad break-outs and my period went hay-wire again. But, I noticed lately that everytime I take my birthcontrol (OrthoCyclene) I feel sick. I really think my body is telling me to quit taking it. Also, I used to love having sex, but after I started taking birth control again wtih my current boyfriend, that all ended. I miss my sex life.... and I am sure he does too.

As for the multi-vitamins, my doctor recommended that I take Prenatal vitamins due to teh cone biopsy i had at the end of October. They make me feel great!!! As you all know, the flu is going around like crazy, and I am a college student in Colorado, and I have felt a little stuffed-up once in a while, but it always goes away within 1 day. I know if I wasnt on the Prenantal vitamin i definatly would have gotten sick. Especially because my best friend is sick and I go to the gym all the time with sick college kids. I definatly would recommend a prenatal vitamin to anyone who is going to have a surgical procedure. My doctor said they help to boost the immune system, which can then help fight off any dysplasia that may have been missed.

Ok, sorry this was choppy but i have to go to economics!! Talk to you later!

Hi Annie well I never really thought about prenatal vitamins, I mean I am gonna start taking vitmains but never thought about those kinds, b/c there are so many different types of vitamins that are good for a womans body. My mom told me that calcium magnesium, vitamin E (soft gel), vitamin C, multivitamin, Kelp & Zinc are all good for a womans body my mom takes all of those vitamins and plenty others daily, so thats what Im gonna start doing, so I will run the prenatal vitamins across my docs attention. Thanks