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New here. 24yrs old. Married & Mother of 4 little ones.....
All I can say is wow. This is some scary stuff. I do not trust one single doctor out there because they all give you the whole speech about "everyone has abnormal paps now and again" making you think everythings okay, when really it's not. I had my first child right before my 17th birthday. Had an abnormal pap at 6 week checkup which they said is caused sometimes from pregnancy or childbirth. Went back for 2nd one 3-4 months later. It was fine. Totally normal as the doc says. Never thought anymore about it. Had my second child at 19yrs old. Went through same BS after his birth. Being totally uneducated I let it slide again. Went back for checkup and had mild dysplasia then. Doc wanted me to have colposcopy then to see what was up. Didn't have insurance and couldn't afford the procedure so I let it go. Erased thoughts from my mind, unaware of the severity of problem. The third child came around a few years later at age 21 with the same deal again. Doc told me again to seek medical attention after I had the baby. I had paps all through that pregnancy. Some mild dysplasia, some normal. I guess I didn't want to deal with it at my young age.I didn't understand why some were normal and others were not. COuldn't ever get a straight answer from any of my doctors as to what was going on. Made me so angry. Finally at age 23 I became pregnant with the last child. Went to first prenatal visit, had pap and all. Guess what. This time I not only had abnormal paps, there was more to it. Doctor must have had a brain fart and decided to test for HPV. I ended up with that as well. The type that doesn't produce warts but can cause cervical cancer. Had a pap done every time I had prenantal visit, which became painful, let me tell ya. Then at about 6 months pregnant the doc decided to perform the colposcopy and get a biopsy. That was the most excrutiating pain I've ever felt. I wanted to ball my eyes out. To add to the pain, he cut too much which caused excessive bleeding and cramping. I had to lay on that dang table for 45 minutes in tears while he attempted to fix the problem. Biposy didn't tell anything new either... After I had my last child I still had MILD DYSPLASIA. This doc sat me down and said that I needed to quit smoking, get healthy, seek further medical attention outside of his office and get it taken care of because it was serious. Scared to death, I went to my local department of human services to seek health insurance to cover these procedures needed because I did not have the finances to continue seeing a doctor. They turned me down for health coverage. Here I am now 24 with HPV and Mild Dysplasia of almost 8 years. This is freaking serious. I have kids and a husband to think about as well. No health coberage and no way imaginable to take care of these issues. Besides that I'm scared to death to have any procedures performed for fear of what the outcome may be. I don't know what I would do if I ended up diagnosed with cancer!! AHHHHHH I hate to even think about the whole dang situation. Sorry.