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Quote from kmas:
Hi all!
I have not posted in a while - but read every day. I just had my first Post-Leep pap on Monday. I had Positive endocervical margins on my Leep results - so I was expecting to still have abnormal cells. But AT LAST...I am healed!!!
So for those of you that have positive margins like I did - there is still hope for a normal outcome! The only thing I changed in my life (since my LEEP) is that I started taking a Women's Multi-vitamin. I have no idea if that had any affect my cervix healing - but it probably did not hurt it. I have felt so much more energy since I started taking it - so that is good too.

I listened to my doctor's message on my answering machine several times before I think I actually comprehended what he said! I have not heard "your pap results were normal" in over 6 years!!! I also had an ECC and that came back normal too. I am so relieved.

Okay...so now on to the questions. I have read on this board that several patients have been told to wait 6 months after a LEEP to try to conceive. Has anyone on here gotten pregnant prior to the 6 month mark and had a normal pregnancy? I don't want to start trying if it is not a good idea yet. I have another pap in 3 months - and it probably makes sense to wait until after I get that. I just feel like I have this small window of opportunity where I am "precancer" free and should take advantage of it before it comes back. Of course - getting pregnant could cause a recurrance anyway.


I would ask your gyno before trying. Also, ask if they feel your cervix is strong enough to carry to term and what your chances are of ending up on bed rest. Knowing this can help you prepare by saving up money if you won't be able to work towards the end of your pregnancy.

Good thing you've been taking vitamins since you're planning on getting prego. Maybe now you can switch from a multi to a prenatal? :)

I can only imagine how much fun it's going to be to try and conceive. For me, it was, OOPS, we're pregnant. Not that it was a bad thing, just a suprise.

Congratulations on your normal test results! I can't wait until mine are normal again!