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On the 29th my doc called me and informed me that I had abnormal cells show up on my last pap. So I scheduled another appt on the 1st and had a colpo. While I was there my doc explained to me that I had dysplasia and that is why we were doing the colpo. He just said that the colpo was going to help decide how to treat it. He mentioned that it leads to cancer,blah blah blah but never mentioned anything about stages. Should he have known what stage it is in before the colpo????? It's been a week since the colpo. Should I have the results yet? Do you think he was just saving this talk for the next appt or what? I don't know if he was trying to spare me the worry since I'm pregnant and know we can't really do much until delivery. What I want to really know is if this doctor is doing a good job. My husband is military so I have Tricare which only permits me to go to the local Naval Hospital for care. I have 4 different prenatal doctors and I have the option to see any of them. The doctor who did the colpo was the only male out of the 3. Should I try seeing another doctor for the remainder of my care or is this guy doing what he's supposed to? Please help....Susan :confused: