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Hi all
I'm wondering your opinions on prenatal testing if you are considered a 'high risk' (genetic history, over 35) candidate for having a child with a birth defect. Do you think that it is better to be prenatally tested (and risk complications/ miscarriage as a result) so you are aware of problems before the birth? Or do you feel it's better to find out when the baby is born?
Also what are your thoughts about deciding to abort after finding out about a birth defect?
I think the answer would vary greatly. If you know you would not abort, no matter what, then prenatal testing would carry too much risk. If you went ahead and got tested, and something was wrong, it would be an individual choice on whether to terminate the pregnancy.
Even with genetic testing, things can go wrong that aren't genetic based. Blindness, deafness...etc. So the peace of mind you gain by not having a genetically defective fetus doesn't necessarily mean that everything is ok.