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He saw the Dr a few weeks ago at his 15 month checkup. That is when the Dr said he is fine. But then jut a few days after that I got sick myself. It came on all of a sudden and was pretty bad. I am still convinced I got sick from him. And if so, that will be the 4th I have gotten sick from him!

So yes, he went to the Dr a few weeks ago. And last week he was a lot better but this week it seems to have come back with a vengence. When he sneezes his nose explodes everywhere. (It is so gross!) And he coughs all throughout his nap and everything. He hasn't really been outside except to go to and from the car to come to my house. So it doesn't seem like it would be allergies. But who knows? His mom doesn't want to take him back in again though because she says unless he is really sick then they won't really do anything.

I have purchased some zinc lozenges to help me not get sick. And of course I have a prenatal vitamin I take since I am trying to get pregnant.

Thanks for your help!! I appreciate it!