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I'm just guessing. My son had to have the hernias repaired so they took care of the hydrocele at the same time. After my son's surgery one of my brother in- laws said he had a hydrcele in his 20's. He said the hydrocele did not hurt at all . My son had pain because the testicle was traveling up into the abdomen through the opening ( hernia) my son had what is called a Communicating hydrocele.A communicating hydrocele will fluctuate in size, getting smaller at night while lying flat, and increasing in size during more active periods.

There are two types of hydroceles:

Communicating hydrocele -- This is a hydrocele that has contact (or communication) with the fluids of the abdominal cavity. A communicating hydrocele is caused by the failure of the processus vaginalis (the thin membrane that extends through the inguinal canal and descends into the scrotum) to close completely during prenatal development. If this membrane remains open, there is a potential for both a hernia and a hydrocele to develop.
Non-communicating hydrocele -- This condition might be present at birth or might develop years later for no obvious reason. A non-communicating hydrocele usually remains the same size or has a very slow growth.