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Well my results came back as CIN1- the doctor wants to wait 6 months to do a re-pap. I stared another thread to get advice. From what I have read in the responses of the other thread, they say it is normal for my doctor to wait 6 months. I gues it's just a waiting game for me now. I have actually decided to change my lifestyle so i could do everything possible to aid my body in fighting my HPV and CIN1.

1- No more smoking!
2- Taking prenatal vitamins (doctor recommended)
3- Starting to eat healthy
4- To start dropping 10 pounds
5- Excersising.
6- Maybe get pregnant? :)

Hopefully with all these combination of things, I would have done everything in my power to keep my body as healthy as possible. So even though my test results were not NORMAL, I am not afraid anymore. I know that I am taking care of whatever it is I have before it progresses into something more uncontrollable. Let me know when your test results come in (and beaniebabu). I am sure everything will be just fine. Praying for you both! :angel: