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Yes, mine was discovered in '01. I had a leep w/unclear margins, then a cone w/unclear margins and finally a second leep that got it all. I was told after the cone that I needed a hysterectomy, but I didn't want one so he did the second leep instead. I went in every three or four (can't remember) months the first year and every six months the second year, and all of those paps came back good. I don't know how I'm doing after my '04 pap though. I thought I had the '05 pap durning one of my prenatal visits, but they're saying they didn't do one. I wonder if they lost it, because I firmly feel it was done. Either way, it upsets me. I missed the '06 pap, because I was lucky to eat, shower and sleep...let alone leave the house. The baby had reflux/gerd, so things were rough for both of us. I just had my '07 pap on the 27th, so I'm waiting on the results. I'm very nervous, but since the first few years went so well, I think everything will be ok.

Did your oncologist tell you what makes it CIS? Is it because of the glandular involvement? It looks that way from what I found yesterday, but I don't know if I'm understanding it right. I know the thickness of bad cells matters w/CIS, but the glandular involvement has me puzzled. The doctors at my office take it seriously, but are careful about what they tell you. So, you never know the full story. I know at least one of the samples (leep or cone?) was almost entirely bad cells he said.

Best of luck on 4/12, keep us posted...