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I recently met with a new gyn that I absolutely love! I talked to her about wantiing to start a family this summer as long as she gave me the green light and thought it would be okay. She told me that she would like me to have one normal pap before trying. (LEEP done in early March)

While I wait for my June pap, she gave me a prescription for prenatal vitamins as I know they recommend you start taking them if you're ttc.

I've been taking a lot of other vitamins (multi-vitamin, C, B6, B12, Indole 3 Carbinol, Selenium, Folic Acid) after researching and hearing so many positives from women about vitamins and supplements playing a big part in healthy cell growth and normal paps!

My question is....If I want to start taking prenatal vitamins do I stop taking all of the other vitamins? Or could I take the prenatal in the AM and continue to take some of the others that I have been taking like indole 3 carbinol in the PM? I certainly don't want to take too much and of course this is something I forgot to talk to my dr. about.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

that's a very good choice you made. Did you tell your doctor about the other vitamins before having her suggested the prenatal? She might have suggested it based on you desire to start a new family soon, therefore preparing your body for it. You can make your decision depending on the amount of vitamins that the Prenatal that you're taking has in it. Although not all of them are the same, they have basic stuff like C, calcium, zinc, selenium, folic aicd, B complex and so on..

First of all, remember that I3C is just stuff that you find in broccoli and brussels sprouts, so just consider its intake as eating five large heads of cabbage lol

second, I'd suggest that you take the prenatal either in the morning or in the evening (I take my multi with my dinner bcs I try to eat good stuff during the day and I take the rest, A,C, B, Folic acid, acidipholous, with my rich breakfast since some of them are fat soluble) but definitely make some calculations on how much of each vitamin you can cut off and adjust their amount. I don't know how much you;re taking now, and that's something you might want to discuss with your doctor, since everybody is different.

One thing you have to be careful, long term use of overosing with vitamins can bring nerve damaging, overdoing on vitamin A can damage the liver, and too much folic acid on the long term brings deficincy of B12 and sometimes anemia...so just keep an eye on the time length and amount..

good luck with your plans.
I take my daily multi-vitamin in the morning plus half my vitamin c, then at night i take the rest of my vitamins. I would read te amounts of the vitamin in your prenatal and check them against what your taking now and then do some research to make sure you don't go over the recommended maximum per day, since like furtiva said some of them can cause damage if too much is taken.

I mainly just take my multivitamin in the morning just because thats what I've always done, plus it helps me to remember to take my bcp in the morning too. then i eat a cup of yogurt with 1/4 cup of muesli mixed and a serving of fruit.