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I had my first LEEP on Mar. 6th. I have my first post LEEP pap scheduled Tues. June 26th. I am hoping all goes well and that my dr. tells me it's okay to start ttc.

I'm starting to get very anxious but nervous at the same time. My sister just started trying and I would absolutely love to go through pregnancy with her and have our children be as close as we are. I'm trying to be very optimistic and I try not to think to much about it.

I feel like I have a good chance of it coming back okay...I joined a gym in Jan. and have been working out a whole lot in addition to eating super healthy and taking vitamins and supplements. (More recently, I've been taking prenatal vitamins.)

Here I am on this bumpy road...Jus when I start to calm down and accept all of this, my worries come right back since this appt. is around the corner now!

I would love to hear some positives from people who have gone through with normal paps after their LEEP procedure. I hope I can join this group of people after my results are in!

I wish you all the best of luck! Take care!