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Hi, I am new here. I am 29 years old, I have been married for 6 years. I feel like an idiot posting this but I am wondering if anyone can help. I had an abnormal pap 5 years ago, my results mild dysplasia. I had the cryosurgery done. My next pap was done about 6 months later it came back normal. I had normal paps every year since, ( including a pregnancy in 2004). I became pregnant with my second child in 2006, during my first prenatal visit I had a pap done which came back abnormal. My doctor told me not to worry, we would do another pap in a couple of months. He said it wasnt that unusual to see these results during pregnancy. The next pap came back again abnormal. The third pap came back abnormal BUT he said it actually looked a little better. (sorry I do not know the levels.) And he said most of the time the bad cells would wash away with the birth of the baby. I did ask him if I should be worried he said not yet. My baby was born in October. This is the embarrassing part. I never went to my 6 week checkup. I know this sounds like the worst excuse but my two children were sick almost every couple of weeks all last winter. I made a few appointments but I cancelled all. My kids both had rsv ( my newborn!!) and it really did consume so much of my time last year. We did a lot of traveling during the summer, and I guess I didnt want to deal with it. Anyways It hit me when my baby turned one in October that It had actually been that long and I had been so stupid to put this off. In October my husbands company was changing their insurance and I was having some problems getting approved because of my health history. Anyways we finally got everything straight and I have had insurance coverage again since December 1. I decided to cancel yet another appt. in December, not wanting to deal with this during Christmas. I now have an appt. on the 16 of this month. I have been reading up on abnormal paps and cervical cancer and now I am starting to panic. I know I am soooo very stupid to have put this off. I cannot believe I have jepordized my health when I have two little children. I am freaking out and I hate myself for doing this. I guess I just want to know if anyone knows anything about abnormal paps in pregnancy. Or maybe if this is not as bad as it seems. I dont know, I know its crazy that I am really stressing about this now when I have not the past year. I hate feeling like if somethings wrong I deserve it. Sorry this is so long but I would really love to hear from anyone who can help. THANKS!!!!!!