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I have this lump sort of thing going on in my throat, i wasn't having any trouble until my doctor switched the medicine I was on from Protonix to Prevacid for acid reflux, as soon as I switched that is when the "hard to swallow" thing occured. She said it has nothing to do w/the switch and suspects something called Globus, which I doubt, does anyone know anything about Globus ??? I have thyroid issues that run in the family, I been been tested for thyroid recently and the tests are normal, but 2 years ago I was borderline. I am going to an ENT on friday and I suspect he will say he cannot find anything, does anyonr have any ideas ??? Like I said i was fine until I switched meds.......

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sknapp -
It sounds like the prevacid doesn't work as well for you as the protonix...what you're describing sounds like reflux without the "burn".

Are you overweight? Do you lie down within 2 hours after eating? Both those things can make reflux worse.

Ask your doctor to do a test with you...try the protonix again for a week or so, and see if it helps.