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What does this mean? I pass lots of small long stools that sink and strong odor? I gave up on medical docs in my area-fiber makes my constipation really bad despite water intake. So went to a chiro and said it was my small intestine not working right. Am worried cause I can not get a md to listen!!Diagnosed previously with gasritis and says it is stress. My weight flutuates alot and did lose alot from stress but can not get it back on.Sometimes i have a gnawing feeling right above belly button and feels heavy. Sometimes twinches on left side under rib and a raw feelig in gut.shortness of breath sometimes-cold and shakey alot. I tried cabbage juice and made me really gassy-gas pressure so bad it caused heart palpitations. Also was told I had colitis but no meds were prescribe. I am really scared! I have went to 5 docs and nothing became out of it. It is like everything sits in upper abdomen and not a feeling to come down. Prevacid is not working! I take digestive enzymes,priobiotics,acidolifulus. Are these symtoms of something more serious? I belch constantly from gas too. What am I suppose to do. Look like a grap! I feel I am on my own with this.