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Hi all. I had acid reflux also. Not nearly as bad as you all did but bad enough that I couldn't eat anything and if I tried, it was back up in my throat withing seconds. I was 23 then and weighed about 103 lbs. (I lost about 5 lbs. because of the acid reflux)I went to the ER on 2 different occasions. The first time, they prescribed me prevacid. This didn't help much and even caused me a lot of stomach pain. Then I went back in about a week later and they asked if I could possibly be pregnant. I told them that my husband and I had been trying for about 2 years to get pregnant so I doubted I was then. They tested me and found out that I wasn't. But they did say that if I was trying to get pregnant I shouldn't be on prevacid so they put me on Pepcid. I call it the "miracle drug". I took it for 1 year. After the first 3 months of taking it, I found out I was pregnant (YIPPY!) and I continued taking it during the pregnancy so that the acid reflux wouldn't get bad (as it often does during pregnancy). After my 1 year prescription was up I didn't have to renew it. I have been acid reflux free now for almost 3 years. And I've had another baby since!!!!