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The first thing you need to do is contact your doc to see if he has any samples he can maybe give you of the prevacid. Then ask him what you can take that might work as well for you. When you buy the over the counter stuff and you have real diagnosis of GERD you would have to take enough tablets to make up the mg of the prescription strength of that med. Zantac, Tagamet and Pepcid are all available over the counter now so you do have plenty of choices to try. If you want to try a different med and are unsure of what amount would be prescription strength you can either ask your pharmacist for this info or post the drug name here and someone can help. You will also need to elevate the head of your bed on blocks or buy a wedge cushion to sleep on but you should be doing that anyway to help with the acid reflux. Also things like maalox Mylanta, or Riopan can also be used in between doses of the meds if needed. Just remember that in order for any of the over the counter GERD meds to work you would need to take them in prescritpion strength doses usually twice a day or more in order for them to be effective for GERD. The over the counter meds were designed for people who have mild GI problems on occasion.