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What is GERD? No fun at all, that's what. I think its really used broadly now-a-days. When I tell people I have it they think it's just because I get heartburn after eating pizza or something. But I have it so bad when I first got it I almost died... extreme example, but still. What is the worst is when you're tired but you can't lie down because it'll get worse... I love the comercial for prevacid that deals with that because it's so true! There are all sorts of medicine for it, I particularly have hard time with the new ones. I need it to treat bial reflux as well, but Meds like prilosec are a lifesaver for me. Yes, I'm feeling really sick from it right now... needed to complain a little. It really hurts my esophogus (Spelling??), I find that I can no longer drink coke because the carbonation is so painful when I swallow.

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