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One specialist was a gastroenterologist, yes.
All tests have come up normal, but the tests have been minimal. I had requested an upper GI series after he had prescribed fluoxetine then subsequently Levbid for what he though was IBS, and my symptoms still persisted for the months, even after taking the meds, along with Prevacid from my GP (he gave me 6 sample packs of 5 pills, which I took once a day...)and making major dietary changes, which all had no effect.

The other specialist was in fact a dermatologist, which I have been seeing for mild acne anyway, and I just bumped up my regular checkup by a month...when I went to see him the rashes/welts/hives decided to go away miraculously, only to come back two days later. Since there were no symptoms when I was there, he didn't believe it could have been too seriious. Also, I've never had any allergies at all to anything. Pollen, dust, grass, certain foods...I've never had allergies to any of those.