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I have been having problems getting a deep breath while exercising for about two years. When it started it only occurred during my daily 7 mile runs, but now it is almost constant. I have been tested by numerous doctors and asthma has been ruled out, heart problems have been ruled out, allergies are present, but this problem is not seasonal. I had the 24 hour pH test and acid was found to reflux during the night and when I exercised. I have been seen by an ENT specialists which showed vocal chord appearance to be "textbook". I have been on aciphex, nexium and prevacid without any change or help. Have also tried DGL without any help. Finally made the decision to have the laproscopic nissen fundoplication done and have not received any relief, the same symptoms I had before the operation are still present. I recently had a barium swallow conducted and am awaiting the results. The Doctor conducting the test stated she could see no problems except the first esophageal wave was not strong enough to clear everything through, so the contents in the esophagus oscillated back and forth until the second wave cleared the esophagus. Since the contents were not acidic she did not feel this caused the problems I am having. Currently I experience tightness in the throat always after eating regardless of what I eat, accompanied by a constant need to clear my throat. I also have a difficult time getting a deep breath and really have to use my diaphragm to achieve a good deep breath. I sometimes get a tightness in my neck and lower head during the same time. I have I am currently seeing a chiropractor thinking this may help with some of the problem. Would appreciate any assistance. Seeking Help.