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I have acid reflux :( I took Prevacid and it worked great, but as anyone without health insurance would know it cost about $100 a bottle :eek: Anyway, I'm trying to treat my symptoms with OTC counter medication. Is Prilosec a sister drug of Prevacid, also I've heard of trying Zantac or Pepcid. I do not have heartburn though just the reflux. What works??

Glad info. was a help to you. You should raise the head of your bed 6 to 8 inches. Books work well. I did raise my bed when all this was finally diagnosed. It has helped. I take two Prevacid a day. One in the morning (1 hour before breakfast) and one in the evening before dinner. I also use Gaviscon extra strength. Prilosec is now an over-the-counter medication. You should ask your Dr. about it. My cough is now mostly in the morning when I get up. It is much better now than it was all summer. I go back for another recheck with gastro in Nov. I am considering the fundo surgery or the enteryx procedure.

Hope you find relief,