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Quote from VeryOldLady:
Thanks, Vincent. He doesn't have a limp right now. But, he did have some stiffness earlier this summer. Then a hurricane came through and we lost a few house pieces (and gained a green volleyball [smile]). My son was out repairing the damage (we make him work like everyone else...don't baby him...and we take advantage of his 6'4 stature[grin]) and he told me the next day that his legs weren't hurting any more, and that the stiffness and pain was going away while he was working on the house. This seems to be consistant with your suggestion about stretching, so I will encourage him to do so.

So, in case I'm misunderstanding, caffeine can actually help him? If so, does anyone know why? Because my point was that he has claimed that drinking coffee seems to help him. Although, that could have just been a coincidence. This is why I'm trying to clarify.

I wake up stiff and sore in the mornings. I drink 1 12 oz can of Classic Coke in the morning with my vitamins and meds. I take 100Mgs of Diclofenac for my arthritis and Prevacid for my stomach. 3000Mgs of ester C and 400IU's of vitamin E... I am a 53 year old man with Spastic CP. Caffeine helps us with CP, it really does. Go figure, aren't we excited enough :)