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Hello! I am new to the message boards and praying that I might find some answers and help for my mom here. I am very worried about her and doctors cant seem to find out what is wrong with her. This has been going on for almost 3 years now, she is fine as long as she is sitting, but as soon as she stands she has what we call "spells" she gets very light headed or dizzy, she has to hold on to something , her knees shake and her hands shake (she looks like a drunk person when she has these spells) she has at least one a day and sometimes up to 6 or 7, it is really taking over her life and we are all scared to death. She had ECT (Electrical Current Treatments) about 3 years ago, she also suffered from a great loss (my grandmother died) seems this started the day she died she suffered from her first "spell" that day, she has lost her short term memory and her long term isnt very good either. She has had almost every test imaginable the next test will be a MRA. Here is a list of medications she is currently on: seroquel, celexa, xanax XR, wellbtron XL, topamax, atenolol, bumetanide, prevacid, pothloride, magoxide, sptronolact, magnesium, celebrex I hope I havent left any out. If anyone has had any of these symptoms or knows of some information that I need to read...please, please reply or e mail me!!!!!! A few of her health problems are sleep apnea, throyid, kedney faliure, mental illness, low potasium and her latest medication is for seziures. Again any information is greatly appreciated. May God bless and keep you