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Hi. My 8 yr old also has a button. He has had it for over 7 years now. We have also had problems with the balloon. Alot of the time it depends on how much acids are in his tummy. Does your child also eat by mouth? If so, things that contain alot of acids can contribute to the balloon wearing out quickly. Stomach acids break down the silicone balloon. My son loves tomato based foods, but because of the acid content we had to limit the amount he could have. We were going through 3-4 buttons every 6 months or so. Also, natural stomach acids can play a big part. If your child has reflux, that could be the culprit. Sometimes switching to a better acid blocking med such as Prevacid can be a big help. What kind of button is it? My son has almost always used the Mic-Key ones. There is one made by Ross as well, and I found that the Mic-Keys last longer. There is another kind, too, but I can't remember the name - I think it may start with a "b". It is held in differently than the other buttons and has to be placed only by the doctor. We have never used that kind, but I hear it lasts much longer than all the others. Hope this helped you out a bit! Good Luck! :)