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[QUOTE=Lillians Axe]Never heard of stomach bleeding due to B/P meds... that s**ks. I only take those two meds 100 MGS of Atenolol & 5/20 of Lotrel. It only really happens between 7-9 in the morning & then I feel fine the rest of the day. Do these meds. really help us more than hurt us??? I just had a full CBC, Metabolic Panel, thyroid check+ & everything was fine. I just hate having to watch certain foods. I have never had to do that before.

I'm only 33, 5 '11 154 & in good shape. The anxiety is what shoots my B/P up. I'll get ridiculous #'s like 158/80 at the doc. & it will be 125/75 1/2 hr. later. On a normal day it is around 118/70 or so. I have 16 months of tracking.

I'm just tired of waking up & feeling like junk. I take my meds & only feel good after a caffeine free soda & a cup of coffee. I don't get it. It never happened before the meds.

The facial flushing from Lotrel is another fun side-effect on some days.

I really think that I was better off before the meds.

:wave: Sorry, you're right, it wasn't the bp med it was the celebrex. After posting I remembered the dr telling me it was the celebrex. They discovered the bleeding when i had my colonscopy. The put me on prevacid kit with antibotics and something else. The reason i remember is because I was taking about 10 pills and celebrex and asprin was one of them
[QUOTE=Lillians Axe]JTU,

How did you know that your stomach was bleeding???? I have no signs of that. I just feel like junk a couple of days during the week. No sign of blood in anything. I just think at 33 & in good shape I am over-medicated with 5/20 Lotrel & 100 MGS of Atenolol. I will discuss with a new doc. at the end of the month. I take both in the morning with water (I have never had breakfast... not my thing). Yesterday I felt a little stressed after the pharmacist at Eckerds asked me why I was on these meds (I look 24). She said excercise. The pharmacist was no help, as she just read through the side-effects & seemed to have no knowledge that Lotrel can cause GERD & Atenolol can cause a lot of side-effects. I don't believe the B.S. trials for meds like Altace, Toprol, Lotrel & Atenolol. My B/P was like 140/80 when I went into Eckerds & 116/70 when I left. My new doc. says that my b/p is isolated & anxiety related after running all of these tests. I don't know if the meds. are making that much of a difference if it is anxiety related. I can tell when it will be high (the top #).

For the person that stopped taking Lotrel, how do you feel better? What do you notice?

I just want one med. that has no side-effects that doesn't ****** with my body. Is that too much to ask???? I have asked to be on Benicar+, but for some reason they like prescribing beta-blockers. I don't understand why I can't go on a low dose beta with Benicar & see if my B/P is still around 115/70 or so on average.

:wave: I didn't know my stomach was bleeding at first. All i knew at the time was that my stomach always ached and sometimes i had a fullness in my belly. Then i was scheduled for a colonoscopy and during that procedure they discovered blood in my stomach. I got a call at home the next day to pick up my prevacid kit and take the meds in the kit for 8 days. When i picked up the kit, i asked the dr why i needed this and he said they found blood in my stomach and i needed meds to avoid ulcers. Of course i bulked at this and he explained that if i didn't take care of this, it could lead to something more serious. Like you, i just wanted one bp pill to lower my bp, not 17 or more meds. Like you, my bp at the time was only 140/75. If you feel you're over-medicated, then do you own tests, that's what i did. three yrs ago I was taking 24 pills, today i take 5, but i did this by stopping meds and watching for signs. unfortunately, I just recently had to go back to zestoric bcuz it's the only thing that lowers my bp. Instead of 25mg of zestoric, i take 1/2 pill, hczt 20mg, verapamil 240 and levothroid .075 and 81mg of baby asprin. That's it. I must say, i'm back to normal, but it took me to experiement with all the meds I had here.

I know how awful it feels to do all you can and still not get the results you're looking for but you can do it. My dr (gp) insisted that i take toprol xl no matter how sickly it made me. I refused and will never touch it again. this is my body and i will work with what's available to me. This board gave me the power to make sound decision about my health. Thank God. I wish you the best and hope you can find a combo that works for you. ;)