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I used Nexium for about 2 years then I switched to Prevacid. Prevacid is much cheaper in my area and it works better and longer than Nexium for me :)
Thanks for all the replys! I am currently taking aciphex. I tried tums and prevacid. These two worked for a while, but then seemed to quit working after a short time. So far the aciphex is doing well.

I was born premature (2.5 months), but I never had a g tube (that I know of anyway).

No one in my family or extended family seems to have a probelm with this so this along with "another thing" that occurs with me made me wonder if it could be CP related.

This other thing that occurs is rather embarrassing, and it might me a little TMI, so you might not want to read the following....

OK, when I eat food (even smaller amounts), and start laughing hard (during or after the meal), most of the time I get hiccups. If I happen to get hiccups I nearly always throw up!! IT IS SO embarrassing! My brothers, and other friends know this kinda thing can happen, so they like to get me laughing so they can see "coke come out of my nose." I admit it must look, very funny so I don't get really mad, but it is embarrassing. (When something happens that is really funny, it is nearly impossible for me to stop laughing so that also doesn't help things. I usually have to concentrate on something really sad to make myself stop laughing.)

Anyway... I've had this problem ever since I was a little kid so this along with the heartburn makes me wonder if the muscle that closes off my esophagus is defective :).

I hope I didn't gross anyone out too badly.