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Hey there!
Okay the whole almost blocking out thing is nothing to really worry about...you wanna know why? Well because you where basically pushing to hard near your blood flow and where you pulse is. When I was a kid the boys would do stupid stuff called two minutes in the dark...basically you where blocking the blood flow to your brain causing you to almost block out and your became light headed due to the fact your blood had to circulate again! The pain in your throat is very common in Acid Reflux people I have Acid Reflux and basically its the acid coming up causing that pain. What you need to do is find the right meds to take control of your acid relfux...if not taken care of properly you can end up with worse case senrio. As for me it took about 3 tries to find the right meds to get my acid under control don't take acid lightly! But talk to your doctor about either Prevacid or Aciphex those two seem to do wonders and have no side effects. Good Luck and don't ever do that again with making yourself block out!