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sickiemcgee~ I have been diagnosed with severe acid reflux for 4 years. I found out because I had such bad pain in my throat it was like I was on fire. I would eat Ice chips,bread and milk to try to get rid of it but it wouldn't subside. My mom worked for the x-ray department of a local hospital and had her friends do an ultrasound of the gallbladder and nothing showed up so then they did a Upper Endoscopy which is not the scope. The upper Endoscopy is a Barium swallow where you drink the barium and then they take x-rays. I was then determined to have Gerd, they sent me to a gastroenterolgist who gave me Achiphex,prevacid,and prevapack. Well they all didn't work so my dr did do the scope to make sure everything was ok. I was scared as well but I talked to my dr and they sedated me and everything was ok I have no recelection of it. My test turned out ok and showed no damage to the esophagus which was well. I have since been on prevacid 2 30mg pills daily and having been doing fine. If you think you have Gerd/Acid reflux disease then you should have 1 of the test done and get some acid blockers. I would also avoid acidic foods like juice,tomato's and tomato sauces,caffeine and ect... I also learned that keeping your head elevated 4-6 inches help. Well I hope that I was able to answer some questions!