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Okay, here goes. About three months ago, I started having problems with my throat feeling like it was going close up on me. Mostly after I ate something. I have acid reflux and have tried Nexium and Prevacid, but couldn't deal with the stomach bloating that I unfortunatly got with it. So now I am on Zantac twice daily. Anyway, I went to and Ear Nose and Throat doctor about it, and he said to stay on the Zantac, and just watch what I eat. He said that he could run the scope but he didnt' want to at this point. I had a ct scan of the neck, to make sure there wasn't anything there.
This is driving me crazy. Some days I'm okay, but some days, my throat goes crazy and my neck feels really tight. I have elevated my bed, watched what I eat, etc. The crazy thing is that I feel better when I lay down. Except when I turn my neck, then it feels like something is there. Any suggestions about what it could be. I'm going to insist that the ENT do a scope. He knows that I don't have any insurance, so he's trying to save me money. But I'm so tired of this. My air quality is okay, it's like spasms or something, and it's really scary, and it hurts. I did have a gastro do a scope about 4 months ago, right before all of this started happening, and he said just a little reflux, but not enough to really be concerned. That's when I was put on the Zantac. Any suggestions. Wouldn't the ct scan have showed something. :confused: