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I'm not on any BP meds now, just prevacid for acid reflux & niaspan for cholesterol, which was never high before i started taking BP meds, i had so many side effects i am trying to lower BP by diet, excercise, and weight loss, i'm generally running 140's over high 90's

benicar hct made me gain a lot of weight, i got up to 270 (from 230 in may), i quit taking it in early november & i have been around 245 for a few weeks

some days i have no soduim, but i will eat some low sodium cream cheese, unsalted crackers, bread etc that has some in it so id say on average i'm somewhere between 500 - 1000 mg per day unless i eat out, & then i try to pick things that arent salted or get the kitchen to leave the seasoning off

i did just start taking hawthorn berry, which is used a lot in europe for high BP but its only been a couple of days & ive felt like this for over a month

havent seen any effect from the hawthorn berry yet, if its like conventional meds it may take a while, i figure i'll give it a couple weeks at least