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I have been trying to post on this site but have had very limited success.
I'm going to try to make this as brief as possible and not miss anything.

About 9 months ago my wife I decided to make a move to another city.
The main reason we moved was because we had a lot of arguments about my job taking me out of town. The new job I have keeps me at home and is a bit different but overall pretty good. I used to chew tobacco for about 3 years but quit when we moved here.

2 days after we decided to move here I was in the hospital with possible appendicitus. Nothing ever came of it. At the time I would have bouts of feeling well, then the next week not feeling well becuase of abd pain. I kept going back and forth to the doctor and they kept telling me IBS. I didn't believe them at the time because I have never been in such pain for it to be something that everyone gets from time to time. The doctor tried a few anit-depressents and I wasn't a big fan of them. He also put me on Prevacid 15mg once a day. Eventually, probably about 2 months, everything subsided and went away and for the most part I was feeling pretty good. That told me that it was probably stress.

Currently, "the next problem"...... Over that time till now the doctor bumped up my Prevacid to 30mg twice a day and put me on Flonaze. The ENT told me it was LPR. The problem I have been having now is too much mucus in my throat at sometimes and then other my mout and throat is sooo dry I feel like gagging or choking. Over time it goes away but usually happens once or twice a day. I have also had 4 pills(prevacid) get stuck in my throat this week! I have tried taking it with some thick chocolate milk but it didn't help. One of my biggest problems and I know it is anxiety. All I can think about, even when I'm at work, is my throat.
I never would have thought much about a dry throat or any problem before now, but for some reason anything happens and that is all I can think about. I have thought about going to my doctor and talking to him about me seeing a counselor. I'm not a huge fan of them, but I will if they think I need to.
I just want to know if this could all be stress related, or the things listed in the Title.....Or could it also be OCD?

Anyone please fire away and give me your thoughts...Right now the doctors don't seem to be much help at all.....Anyone had the same experience?
Sorry for the rant.

Thanks a lot!!!
Look forward to hearing your input..