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Hi Ashley and Parker!

Wow Ashley, I could have written your EXACT post when my son Seth was 9 months old.. the only difference is that Seth couldn't truly sit unassisted until right at 9 months old which is the latest age for thatm ilestone .. The pediatricians wanted to watch it a little longer but I insisted we move forward with investigation.

I had same thing, perfect preg. and EZ delivery (he was my second). Seth also had no visible damage on his MRI. Same thign with fists and palming back then also, should be watching for pincher grasp to develop. He was/is hypotonic in his trunk and neck some but other than the way his sitting was slouchy and he wasn't mobile yet, he was very typical. He bunny-hop crawled around 12 months, and pulled to stand at 13 months. THEN, did not take first independent steps until this past Summer at around 26 months. Because he did get moving, he is strong in his upper body but will always have the low tone (wish I could explain this on the phone - took me forever to understand with my own research!!).

Now, let me stop here and say.. this does NOT mean Parker is going to turn out to have CP or be evetually diagnosed with it I mean. At this point, he could just have some motor delays, or if he is low tone all over, he might just eventually catch up on his own. However, I would not ignore it or take a 'wait and see' attitude. I would get your early intervention people (if you are in the US) to evaluate him NOW and get some therapies started if they deem it necessary. This could make all the difference in the world for him. And, most motor issues are treated with the various therapies regardless.

With Seth's CP.. and a lot of kids, they are hesistant to diagnose too early for this reason, some kids present like it but then seemingly grow out of it and catch up. With seth, when he did finally get himself to sitting, it was in a 'w sit' which was his most stable position with with to play, etc. He was very sensitive about oral things and gagged a lot and had many texture issues but Occupational therapists helped us through that and he has outgrown it. He is a very picky eater but can eat everything he likes. So that is one good thing. We also put him on a reflux med at age 12 months because seems liek anytime he gagged, he totally threw up eveyrthing.. now he never does either thing. The prevacid has helped that and his appetite has improved.

Anyway, Seth has spacticity in both legs and it became more apparent to us after he coudl stand and such. The PT saw it all along but I couldn't. Anyway, we finally got a diagnosis of "Atypical CP" at around age 18 months. Atypical in this case, means 'no typically known or obvious reason/cause." Anyway. Around 16 monhts he could walk with a walker and still does but walks indpendently (its the 'cp-type' impaired looking walk for now, kind of wobbbly) about 1/2 the time at daycare but not so much at home (wants mommy to carry him all the time). Also, because of the low tone in his mouth, he had some articulation issues with his speech development but it is pretty slight but we are dong speech therapy anyway. I am not taking any chances! THE ST thinks he will be caught up or ahead in abuot another 6 mnths. that has been a great feelign watching his language come along because it helped give us insight into any possible cognitive impairment (which so far, he's sharp as a tack and SO sweet and fun!).

Anyway, I wish we oculd call or email but feel free to post to me here and I will check back later tonight. I know you are FREAKED out but try not ot jump the gun on a diagnosis. But DO please get an MRI and Early intervention eval ASAP. This way you can be helping him get moving no matter what the cause is!!!

Hope this helps! My thoughts and prayers will be with you!!
Laurie (mom to Jackson and Seth, 6/03 - 2.5 yrs old).