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You have classic symptoms of LPR, laryngeal pharyngeal reflux, also called laryngeal reflux. LPR is the lesser known version of ACID REFLUX. GERD is the better known version of acid reflux. With LPR, the acid rises up your esophagous, and doesn't stop - instead it leaves your esophagous and gets into your throat, causing irritation,including the classic "lump in throat" sensation. It also mimics asthma, as the acid can in turn, when it tries to go back down, goes down the wrong pipe and winds up in your lungs.

So your first step is to visit the GERD board. Lots of discussion about LPR there. 2nd you need to begin treatment. Common drugs, called PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) are used to reduce acid production in the stomach, so less can get out. Prilosec is the only PPI sold OTC, and doesn't have a great reputation for helping LPR sufferers (better for GERD). However, Nexium, a prespcription PPI is very good at helping LPR sufferers. More importantly, and this is REALLY important, people with LPR need 2 doses of Nexium a day, not one. Most doctors do not know this, except for some highly specialized ENTs. Trust me, the dose is 2 pills a day, period.

As I said, LPR is lesser known and even most doctors don't know it by name. I had been to a dozen small-town ENTs who were able to look at my throat and say "well, you have a little reflux", but they were not able to link the symptoms to the reflux, nor did they know how to treat it with 2 time daily PPI dosing. I had to visit some heavy-hitters in the ENT field at Yale's Medical Hospital in order to get a real diagnosis.

The good thing about LPR (nothing is good about LPR as it's a permanent condition but...) is that you don't need to have complicated tests run in order to get a diagnosis. Basically, if the 2x daily PPI dosing schedule is successful and your symptoms go away, you know you have acid reflux. Symptoms should resolve within a few minutes to a few weeks. My own symptoms literally went away after 20 minutes after my first double dose. Note that I had already been on a 1 x per day schedule of Nexium for 3 months prior to the diagnosis, and my symptoms were full-blown on 1 pill a day. Once I took 2 pills together, the symptoms just magically disappeared.

If you respond to the 2 pill regimen and it works, then feel free to play around with your dosage, maybe try reducing it. But before you do that, just get your symptoms under control with 2 Nexium a day.

Your other prescription options are Aciphex, Prevacid, and Protonix. Most doctors will prescribe the pill represented by their favorite drug rep. Don't fall for this - Nexium is the new generation of PPI, and is the most unique. Take that first and see how you fell.

Go visit the GERD boards! You'll find plenty of company there!