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Hi ladies! Just thought I'd jump in and mention how common it is in CP kids anyway. Seth ahs gotten way better adn he is nearly 3 but he used to have an oversensitive gag reflex and do what we called "the purge' where he totally vomited everythign he had eaten whenever he gagged or coughed too hard or had say sinus drainage, etc. He is still funny about swallowing issues although the professionals agree its either sensory/behavioral (like no structural or motor) issue that is causing it. So anyway, the other issue was that he had a bad appetite and at age 2 they put him on prevacid and it has made a world of difference for both the vomitting and appetite (though he's still a picky eater adn a skinny little guy).

Almost every CP child I konw has had issues with it since early on and there are great medications for it that really help. They are teh same meds they give us 30+ folks when we get stomach issues..

One OT speculated to me that her theory was that because of the commonly low tone in the trunk, that the stomach muscle itself and the thing that keeps the food in are more low tone. I have seen it improve a little with Seth's increased trunk strength and posture too.,

Not sure this applies but I bet it does if that many of you guys have it. (Nevermind life is just stressful at times and that can aggravate it too!

Hope this helps