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i went to the doc and he gave me prevacid and said to go off the other meds. He wants me to do an upper GI (ive done them twice before). Then go to an ear nose, throat doctor. I am anxious and scared over this and I feel very alone b/c I dont know what it is and I feel like no one understands. I can barely eat. Any help?
If it is what I had NO stomach pill is going to work (they gave me Prevacid, Reglan (I think that was the name) and nothing worked - except Xanax! Another thing to see if it is a spasm (which did work for me only after months of suffering with it), is look way up at the ceiling by lifting your neck as high as it will go, stretching that area as hard as you can. If it's a spasm it should "release" a few minutes. I wouldn't go for any kinds of tests until you see what happens first. It also COULD be mucus, so just hang in there for a bit! How long has this been going on? If it's something like GERD, then the Prevacid WILL work. So just take it one step at a time.
Globus is a symptom of a specific form of acid reflux called LPR (Larygopharyngeal reflux). Most LPR sufferers do not experience heartburn, but instead the acid reflux occurs in their throat, causing 1 or more of the following symptoms: globus, difficulty swallowing/something "stuck" in throat, chronic cough, sinusitis-like symptoms, asthma-like symptoms not responsive to asthma threatments). Note that I said "1 or more", many people get just 1 of these symptoms.

There is a message board here called "Acid Reflux". You should read the posts with "LPR" in the message or do a search on that board for "LPR".

It is treatable with 2 doses per day of a PPI (Prevacid, Nexium, Aciphex), NOT 1 DOSE. Timing is also important - for instance, I must take my 2 Nexium together in the morning, but other people sometimes take 1 in the morning and 1 at at night).

With that additional description, I strongly urge you to undergo treatment for the LPR form of acid reflux. The worst that can happen is that the meds don't work and you move on. LPR does not require a lot of fancy tests. Most doctors (who know about the condition) consider a positive response to the medication a diagnosis (albeit indirect) in itself. And all you need to do is take 2 doses of a PPI every day. But there are 4 PPIs on the market, and you may need to experiment to find the one that works best for you. I recommend trying them in this order: Nexium, Aciphex, Prevacid, Protonix. I also recommend taking the pills together first thing in the morning.

It would be helpful visiting an ENT, because an ENT can scope your throat and tell you if you have any redness or swelling on or near your larynx. Laryngeal redness and swelling is a telltale sign of LPR. This is an in-office procedure that doesn't hurt, and only requires that you inhale a numbing spray.

I understand that you did the GI scopes and that you don't have GERD. If you had the GERD form of acid reflux, you would likely have damage in your esophogous. But LPR damage is typically localized in the larygeal and pharyngeal areas. We don't really know why yet, other than theorizing that the upper esophageal spinchter has pooped out and is letting acid into the throat. LPR damage is literally a higher level of damage, and GERD damage occurs lower down in the esophogous.

I suspect that your feeling of needing to yak has something to do with weakness in the upper esophageal spinchter area.

You don't need to visit an ENT in order to get a prescription for a double dose of a PPI. Even your PCP can prescribe a double dose for you, or give you free samples.

Usually, if it isn't true sinusitis, and it isn't true asthma, it all comes down to acid reflux, which can give you symptoms of both, but not respond to treatments for either.

It's a horrible condition that destroys lives without treatment, something that the medical community is finally waking up to. It is devastating, and interferes with a person's entire quality of life.
I went to the EMT and he put a scope up my nose and said I had acid up by my vocal chords and to double my Prevacid. He also said to take Acidopholus and nasal spray. And, said I should get a brain scan.
Thing is, I dont think that is what is causing this. It has not gotten one iota better.
aswander, you say my espophgeal sphincter may be pooped...what can I do about that? I just feel in my gut that the acid thing isnt what this is. It is SUCH a hack-up feeling...I cant stand it. I did lose a job over this.
He said most ppl who have what he thinks I have feel it around the part where the protrution is in your throat, you know the hump? But I feel it higher up.
This always happens to me...I never get a normal "sickness" and end up having to live with it. Well i am not living with this ****.