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Why did my doctor order this test? I have had stomach problems for the last 2 years now. I haven't seen my gastroenterologist in about 2 years since right after my problems started because of no insurance.
I finally got health insurance again and now I went back to him today.
I have been through 2 years of torture with my stomach.
I have constant bloating
When I eat the food just sits somewhere between my esophagus and the top of my stomach for hours and won't go down
I am constantly burping up air
I go back and forth with diarreah one day and constipation the next.
I occassionally get sick at my stomach but have only thrown up twice in the whole time I've had problems.
I have had just about every blood test for every digestive or stomach related disorder, a ultrasound of my gallbladder, an endoscopy and colonoscopy.
Is he just doing the test as a precaution or do you think he suspects something?
I just sort of went blank after he said the word HIV.
I am scared to death!!!!
My husband says that people with AIDS have stomach problems is why he may have run the test.
I am on Prevacid for mild burning I get in my stomach sometimes and the bloating.