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Sounds like acid reflux to me. Probably falls into the category "laryngopharyngeal reflux". You have the metallic taste in the mouth (which is acid refluxing into the throat), the blockage in the nose and pressure (caused by acid causing erosions in the nasal passages and sinuses - your body produces excess mucous in response to it and clogs it up), and the fluttering in the shoulder (people with acid reflux frequently get strange fluttering/pains in the upper chest, upper arms, shoulders) and the classic feeling like you've been punched in the breastbone (where the stomach meets the esophogous and reflux starts).

The reason why the yahoos at the ER missed it is that you don't have heartburn (which is the painful feeling in the center of the breastbone caused by acid refluxing into the esophogous). But not everyone gets heartburn - and instead, you experience a sore sensation, of being "punched". Well, it's just a variation of heartburn. Your ER docs should be hung for being so stupid. Your symptoms speak for themselves and anyone who calls themselves a doctor should be able to recognize soreness at the lower esophogeal junction as acid reflux disease. Perhaps the upper respiratory/laryngeal symptoms threw them off.

You need to get yourself to a gastroenterologist, though a primary care physician is also capabable of treating acid reflux disease.

You will need 1 or 2 doses a day of a prescription proton pump inhibitor (PPI). I say 1 or 2 doses, because people whose pain is limited to heartburn usually respond to 1 dose, but people with the upper respiratory/larygeal symptoms need 2 doses. So you may need to experiment.

You will be able to take any of the following:
40 mg capsule Nexium
40 mg capsule Prilosec'
40 mg capsule Zegerid
20 mg capsule Aciphex
30 mg capsule Prevacid
40 mg capsule Protonix

You may need to experiment with multiple PPIs in order to find the one that works best for you.

And the place that you should post from now on is the acid reflux message board.