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Heartburn (GERD) often manifests as pain in the upper arms and back, in addition to the chest. It sounds to me like you need to be on GERD medication. The best way to control GERD is through the use of a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor). Protons are individual units of acid (bare hydrogen atoms). A PPI reduces the number of protons in your stomach, thereby reducing the amount of acid in your stomach. The less acid in your stomach means the less acid that can escape your stomach into your esophogous. Any GP or PCP can prescribe PPIs. What you want is a maximum strength dose of any of the following:

Nexium (40 mg)
Aciphex (20 mg)
Prevacid (30 mg)
Prescription Prilosec (40 mg)
Zegerid (40 mg)
Protonix (40 mg)

Check your healthplan's formulary to see which PPIs are covered by insurance. Nexium has the best reputation, but a lot of doctors will tell you that they are all about the same.

If you don't respond to one dose of a PPI after a few weeks, you will need to double it and take 2 PPIs per day. But most people with heartburn/GERD will respond to 1 dose.

Check out the acid reflux forum, where all the heartburn and GERD is. You'll see that you are not alone - lots of people have weird pains in their arms.