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I have been dealing with lightheadedness, crawly sensation in head, and headaches for a little over six years now. It never goes away, but sometimes it's bearable. However, around the week of my period it is awful. I have to lay around, and rest a lot due to the feeling like I'm going to pass out. Also, my chest hurts a lot. I have went to cardiologists, infectious disease doctor, ents, neurologists, dentist, eye doctor, you name it I've probably went to them. They can't find anything, except my ferratin was a little low, and migraines. I was put on iron pills, and topomax. The iron pills are helping bring my ferratin level up, but the migraine meds aren't helping. This feeling never goes away. I'm also on Synthroid, Prevacid, and Prozac. I do have a thyroid problem that is under control with meds, and all of the doctors said stress, so I started taking Prozac. I have stopped driving all together due to this, and haven't driven in 8 months. I have three kids, and it really gets me down because I can't take them places and do things with them due to the lightheadedness. I'm female, and only 35. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm thinking maybe hormonal or something but all of my doctors say no way since I'm so young. But like I said it really intensifies around the time for my period. Please answer if you have any suggestions on what to do. My kids would appreciate it if someone could help, and so would I and my husband. Thanks:confused: