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Hello, I would like your advise. For the last 2 1/2 months I have been having this problem. It started with a feeling of something being stuck in my throat, a horrible "haking" cough which usually was dry in the beginning now I cough up this thick, clear mucus/phlegm that takes me about 1 hr to finally hack up it is so thick. I was short of breath and had chest pain right in the center of my chest (not heart related.) My sinuses would drain and I would have nausea/vomiting. I went to teh dr who said I either had acid reflux disease or ashtma. The inhaler he gave me did nothing. The Nexium he gave me does help some but not sure acid reflux is what I have. The last week or so teh shortness of breath and chest pain is gone. But I still feel like something is stuck in my throat, still haking up stuff and my sinuses are draining. My throat is actually raw from the coughing that I am taking chloreseptic spray to numb it so I can sleep. I have felt all along that I have an Upper Resp Infection or something of that nature because that is what it feels like. I have been on 4 diff meds since I have been going to the dr. Medrol dose pak, Prevacid, inhaler, Nexium(which is the same as Prevacid) but he will not give me a antibiotic. He says he doesn't want to give me something that I do not need, yet I have tried everything else, why not a antibiotic. I have had a chest xray about a mo ago it was normal, scheduled for barium xray tomorrow to see if acid reflux. Friday I went to dr he stated"I really dont know what you have keep taking Nexium and see what happens. I asked for referral to a specialist then he decides to give me this test tomorrow. I have had this for 2 1/2 mo. Someone pls help me I need some advise. Thank you.