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I usually post when I feel something abnormal in my body, but I decided not to this time and give it a few months. I have constant/dull pain under my left armpit(between second rib down) and pain/soreness at my left elbow on the inside..This is usually every other day and seems to alternate with the following...
I also have pain on my right hip that comes and goes about every other day. It doesn't bother me in the morning it usually comes around 1PM or so..I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow but would like to know what kind of questions to ask.
I will try to give things to rule out. I had hernia surgery about 4 months ago on my right side but the found nothing.. I take Prevacid once a day..I take Ativan as needed for anxiety.
Just now I lifted my arms up and took a deep breath and had a sharp pain on my left side just now... Ahh...I am so confused.. Sometimes I can take Ativan and my right hip seems to calm down, and heat will usually take care of my left rib area..

Sorry for jumping around and hope I didn't confuse you all. I'm looking for pointers on what to ask or say to the Dr. tomorrow.
Thanks for any help,