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As far as the Doctor helping, I just have not gone back to the Doc. I was having problems swallowing, even water, so they said I needede to have my esophagus dialated, they could either do surgery and I would be hospitalized for two weeks, or I could have the balloon put in the esophagus and have it done by blowing the baloon up which is usually the easiest way. so of course I chose the easy way and I would go home the next day. That is when my esophagus ruptured, in intensive care for 4 days, and in the hospital 17 days, came very close to dying because it took them 2 days to find out that it had ruptured. Anyway, long story short, too much has happened and I really do not want anymore tests, I have been to the er several times to have food taken out that gets stuck, so you can probably understand why I don't want to go back. I took Prilosec for several years and now I am on Prevacid for the acid reflux.

As far as the crackers working? They really do work, at least for me. I would do anything to not go back to the doc and all the tests they like to take, like the tubes up your nose and down your throat into your stomach, that was for motility, which I do not have, so I don't have contractions to push the food down, it just has to hopefully go down by itself which sometimes it won't. so I don't eat solids like beef, or anything that would have a hard time getting down, just lots of soft foods and chicken and turkey and fish. So, I was trying to keep this short and well, I didn't, but wanted to give you so0me insight to the problem, so I am not saying the crackers will work for you, but then again, it can't hurt to try, cheaper than doctor. Let me know how you are doing, and sorry you are having this trouble, it is not nice:mad: