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I am new to the message board and was glad to see that someone else has the same symptoms as I have. I get a terrible fullness after eating one or two bites of food. I have been unable to eat bread and have a hard time,frequently with meat. Ocassionally I am able to eat and I pay for it later. I am horribly constipated and the fullness is so uncomfortable. I have had CT scans, Ultrasound and endoscopy. Friday I will have a colonoscopy. At this point they are also searching for the cause of knots in the rib cage area on the right. These I can feel and they cause an awful tightness in my upper area. My bra feels like a ban on me and now I have chest pain. I also have pain in the back between the shoulder blades. I have begun to believe that no doctors believe me and with each test, I am deeper in debt and more upset because there is no answer. No one can see the knots, but I can feel them inside. I have lost weight. I take three blood pressure pills daily, lipitor and prevacid. I have been assured that none of this is contributing to what I feel. It is getting harder to sleep at night because the knots move all around when I move. I think the most frustrating part is feeling that no one believes me. Does anyone out there have any of these same symptoms and has anyone received a diagnosis?