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Well, I'm currently taking Prilosec for my GERD. I used to be on Prevacid but all that did was make me ill. Anyway, I've been on this stuff for almost four weeks now and my symptoms aren't going away. I told this to my GP and she told me that, when the perscription runs out and if I am still experiencing symptoms, she's going to go ahead and to a barium swallow/upper GI thingie. I guess that if I have a hiatal hernia they'll find it then? Because I really don't think these reflux symptoms are going to go 'poof' if they haven't already.

No, no vomiting. Just the constant loose stool type stuff which is occasionally quite bloody. I know this can't be a particularly good sign, but I'm waiting to see a doc until it happens again. The thing with this bump is, it doesn't bother me unless I press down on it, and throbs a bit afterward (but the pain eventually goes away.) It seems a bit low for my stomach though...I dunno. I was really quite healthy until a little while ago (it all started with that accursed pink eye lol, then it's been one stupid thing after another). This sucks.

Thanks for your concern, I'll be sure to post back if they find anything.