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I took Prevacid for 1 1/2 years and after learning about the consequences of long term use I stopped on Dec. 26 2006.

I decided to use Tums, and Rolaids plus the Citrical +D I was already taking. I have no idea if the Prevacid caused problems or not, just don't want to take anymore chances.

It apparently takes a while for the acid production to return to normal after stopping Prevacid or Nexium.

I have heard we may not have too much acid but most likely we have too little acid to digest our food and it is the gasses causing the acid reflux. Also have read one way to tell whether we have too much or too little acid is to take 1 tablespoon vinegar diluted in water with a meal. If it helps, we have too little acid and taking some vinegar each meal will help the digestion etc. If it does not help then we have too much acid. I plan on trying this soon.