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1st off hugs to your little man. My daughter is also 12, suffered a severe brain injury at birth due to oxygen deprivation. She also has CP. We have battled constipation for ever. But over the past year or so it has gotten worse, we too had to do the enema thing to get her to produce a BM.
A few weeks ago, we were at the docs for the same thing. Thought Megs had a bug, then it didn't get any better, did chest and abdominal x-rays and blood and urine work. Found out her WBC was elevated, bacteria somewhere, she was really backed up with stools, no obstruction. We put her on the Miralax, and prevacid ( as she was burping and acting suspicious) and antibiotic for the bacteria ( that they said if you are severely constipated your WBC can be elevated). Since the miralax and the prevacid we have had 4 BM's in a week. OMG that is like so wonderful to us. Before we were lucky to get her to go every 5 days and that was with help of the enema. How much of the Miralax ( polyethylene glycol) was your son taking?
When our doc seen the xrays she was to take 1 capful twice a day for 3 days, then the one cap daily after that. So far knock on wood it is helping.
Our daughter is 12 yrs old and she is an itty bit, she weighs about 53 lbs and is 51 inches tall. If we can get these bowels under control it will be a Godsend, it has been a horrific battle all her life. Hugs to you all
Hugs to Meg too ... I am so happy that you have found hope in this!! Mark gets 1 capful once a day. But I dont know if its because he is so backed up or what but I am going to ask my doctor about the prevacid and maybe upping Marks dose. Today he has stopped vomiting and the amout of stool coming has decreased significantly. I dont have the heart to give him another today ... he is exhausted.
Thank you so much for your reply and your kind words.

The best to you and your family!