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Ok for as long as I can remember I get these pains. I was seeing a Gastro DR but honestly it did nothing for me. They did take out my gaul bladder and say ok everything will be fine. WELL ITS NOT!! I get these very very sharp pains right under my breast area. It hurts so bad sometimes that my food comes back up. If I ate and I get these pains my food will definitly come back up. It hurts so bad. The pain is right under my breasts right in the middle. When I get the pain I cant even touch that part of my body because it is so sensitive. Has anyone ever had this?? I have been on everything thinking its acid reflux and what not. I have used Nexium, Prevacid, Zantac and this stuff that like a powder NOTHING helps! Someone please help I cant take the pain ANYMORE!! Its becoming so frequent that I can barely eat!!